Armie Hammer’s Ex-Wife Is Reportedly ‘Shocked & Sickened’ At His Extremely Graphic Alleged DMs

Over the past few days, several women have alleged that they were involved in illicit affairs with Call Me By Your Name actor Armie Hammer.

A slew of DMs show Hammer allegedly speaking to the women in a way that is domineering and violent. At some points, the DMs speak of drinking blood, describe scenes of sexual control, and references cannibalism.

The women claim they were engaged in consensual affairs with the actor, while he was married to ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers – and that each woman was led to believe they were the only one.

So how does Elizabeth feel about the allegations? Someone claiming to be friends with Elizabeth who spoke to said she is understandably “shocked and sickened” by her ex’s alleged messages.

“A lot of these women have reached out to Elizabeth and although she didn’t want to admit it to herself at first, she knows now they are speaking the truth,” the insider claims.

“Armie had a whole other side to him that she wasn’t aware of. Whether it was always there and he kept it hidden, or something happened that changed him completely, she doesn’t know.”

According to the source, one of the women who allegedly contacted Chambers was so traumatised by her alleged experience with the actor that she has entered an “intense rehab and therapy program because of his emotional and maybe physical abuse.”

“He preyed upon her when she was coming out of a relationship. He made her feel very uncomfortable, the things he wanted to do made her very scared,” the sourced added.

“Elizabeth is very concerned about his pattern of preying of young vulnerable women. A pattern that must be stopped.”

In an Instagram Story shared by one of the alleged victims, she claims that she and the other women had sex with Armie Hammer in his and Chambers’ bed.

“We all got told we are perfect. That he wants to run away with us. That it’s our world and fuck everyone else. He loved us all in his and [his ex’s] bed and made us a cute omelette after,” she wrote on Instagram.

“So we all had apartments ready for him around the world. So he met all our moms and they all loved him. So he told us all to be monogamous to him and wait for his divorce.”

She adds, “In retrospect it all makes sense, the asking to fly him out private, to get him a room at Claridges. It makes sense why date the kind of women he dated in 2021. Good on C for smarting up and kicking him out and getting sober.

“And if I hadn’t spoken out. None of those things would’ve made sense.”

Hammer has yet to respond to the allegations made against him.