Armie Hammer Says His Insanely Horny Comment On A Timothée Chalamet Pic Was Just A Joke, Bro

Armie Hammer has explained the string of eggplant and loveheart emojis he spammed on a recent Timothée Chalamet thirst trap, saying he was owning anyone who actually types like that, thank you very much.

Speaking to British GQ for a recent video chat, the Call Me By Your Name star explained his thought process before typing the below message on Chalamet’s pensive October 14 shot:

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According to the 34-year-old, he was merely trying to have a laugh.

“God, man, fucken’ A,” Hammer said, hammer-ly. “This is what happens when you Instagram when slightly tipsy. Things just seem like they’re a really good idea. And, you know what, in hindsight it’s a pretty good idea, but it definitely has its downsides.”

Hammer said his big idea was to skewer Chalamet fans – and other English-speaking internet denizens – who, over the past few years, have pilfered words from various cultures to develop a new online vernacular to express their fandom.

“The main drawback is that most people didn’t understand that I was actually being facetious,” Hammer explained.

“I was actually trying to poke fun at how ridiculous everyone on the internet sounds these days, with their like, ‘Oh, I stan that, king shit, whatever, whatever’. You know, like, people on the internet are using words that are English, but they’re using them in a combination that just completely perplexes me.”

A shot of his co-star was the perfect opportunity for Hammer’s tipsy self to make his thoughts known.

“Timmy posted a thirst trap selfie, so I was like ‘oooh, king shit’, you know. But I don’t think that anyone got the joke. I think everyone thought that I was honestly making some kind of clandestine, cloak-and-dagger reference to Call Me By Your Name 2 or something like that.”

Pivoting to Call Me By Your Name‘s massive impact the original had on Chalamet’s developing career, Hammer said the young fella is handling the pressure well.

“You do worry about anyone having to go through that level of attention and scrutiny,” he said, adding, “watching what Timmy went through, I don’t think that I would wish that on anyone.”

Perhaps it’s lucky that Hammer’s online content strikes a very different tone to young mate’s.

Anyway, you can have a gander at the full chat below, featuring Chalamet chats and so much more: