It’s been one hell of a year for Armie Hammer and it’s only February. Following the serious allegations against him, and the fact that he’s lost several film roles, I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to and where he’s been hiding.

A source close to the situation has shared some details to Page Six and apparently the media storm hasn’t impacted his behaviour at all, which they say is quite “horrifying.”

“It’s quite horrifying, to be honest. [He] walks up and down West Bay Road with no shirt or shoes, without a care in the world. Always boisterous and obnoxious and full of himself.”

Hammer’s estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, has been taking care of their two children, Harper and Ford, while also living in Grand Cayman, the insider added.

“No one quite understands,” the source said. “Especially as Elizabeth raises her kids alone and kills herself to do everything for those children. No one wants him here or understands why he’s not in a facility of some sort.”

It comes after another insider sent an anonymous tip in to celebrity tea-spilling Instagram page, @deuxmoi. Interestingly, they both describe Armie as “boisterous”, so it’s likely that both tips are from the same person. Either that or Armie Hammer is just so fucking boisterous, that there’s no other word for it.

“AH boisterously parading around shirtless and shoeless constantly for the past several weeks,” the tip reads. “Always with a drink in his hand, always laughing and giving high-fives with anyone who will engage and a huge smug smile on his face. What the actual fuck!?”

When Deuxmoi asked if they’d seen it with their own eyes, they responded: “Yesssss! Sickening. All anyone sees or hears is him walking around smugly greeting people in a really fake way or screaming from his balcony that everything is ‘bullshit.’ Fun vacay!”

Credit: Instagram / @deuxmoi.

“Like screaming to the ocean?” Deuxmoi pressed.

“Into his phone mostly. For alllll of the resort to hear,” they responded.

It comes after Armie Hammer stepped away from two major projects as a result of allegations levelled by several women, who claimed he was emotionally and sexually abusive towards them. His agency, WME, has also dropped him as a client.