I literally went to bed last night thinking this was gonna happen. Yep, I just bloody knew that some celeb would come for Armie Hammer over his shady comment aimed at his Hollywood peers for posting selfies with the late Stan Lee following his death.

And here it is, Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has come for Hammer in a now-deleted tweet.

 “Looks like you found a way to use others ways of mourning and their memories to draw some attention to yourself,” he tweeted. “You sound like a real asshat.”

Armie’s tweet, which has since been deleted, read:

“So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee… no better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself.”

One reporter responded by writing, “They… worked with him…?” to which Hammer, who voiced Strong Arm in the 2014 TV movie Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, responded, “Me…. too…?”

Hammer went on to insist that we need a “cultural revamp” if posting selfies is our first instinct after someone passes.

“What else u supposed to do when someone dies,” asked another Twitter user. “If your answer is ‘post a selfie’ then I think we need a cultural revamp across the board,” he responded.

The actor added that he believes people should honour Lee by sharing photos of his work rather than photos with him.

“If Stan impacted your life (ie. All of our lives) with his work, post his work that touched you the most,” he argued. “Posting a selfie makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him.”

Image: Getty Images