Armie Hammer Is Reportedly In “Final Talks” To Be The New Batman

Armie Hammer

Take this with as many grains of salt as you need, but the constant cranking of the Hollywood rumour mill has today churned out an absolute pearler: Armie Hammer might well be the next big screen Batman.

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Following Ben Affleck‘s official abdication of the coveted throne, the question of who exactly would be next to don the Dark Knight’s unmistakable cape and rubber nipples. Thanks to a wild assertion from industry blog Revenge of the Fans, we may well have an answer.

The report asserts that 32-year-old Hammer is in “advanced talks” to fill the role and official confirmation is a mere “matter of time.”

It’s worth noting that Revenge of the Fans isn’t an industry-leading source in the same way that Variety or The Hollywood Reporter is, and the cited source for the rumour is “word from Warner Bros.” But regardless, it’s as close as we’ve gotten to any definitive word about the next big screen Batman. So there’s that at least.

If true, it would be something of a full-circle story for Armie Hammer and the coveted Bruce Wayne role. Back in 2007 Hammer was actually set to play Batman in George Miller‘s Justice League: Mortal movie; a film that would’ve also seen Adam Brody play The FlashCommon play Green LanternDJ Cotrona play Superman, and Australia’s own Megan Gale play Wonder Woman. The film, however, was scuttled mere days from the start of filming due to a raft of reasons; largely, the 2007 Writer’s Strike, and a cobbled together Australian Government board that blocked the production from receiving a key tax concession.

Now, Hammer would be stepping into the role ahead of director Matt Reeves‘ take on the iconic superhero, with the standalone film The Batman scheduled to arrive in cinemas come June 2021.

So there you go. Armie Hammer. Maybe your new Batman. Measure your expectations accordingly.