A Deep Dive Into Ariana Grande’s Latest Batch Of Teaser Tweets 

Since Ariana Grande’s return to the throne, fans have not been okay. Ariana not only released a new bop after an understandable and well-deserved break, she also unleashed an accompanying music video, and changed her hairstyle. That latter one might not sound like much to the general public but oh, for the love of hair, did fans react like 2012 was upon us all.

A week later, Ari has struck again with the cryptic tweets, lyrics, and a possible release date. I’d take that last one with a grain of salt but look, fans are beyond convinced.

So while we prepare for her latest vocal runs to blow us all away, here’s what the fandom’s up to over five lil’ tweets.

Oh, the power.






To me – a casual fan – the tweets cop a like and an “Oh yay, a new single”.

To the Arianators, it’s nowhere near that simple.

So R.E.M….

Judging by the lyrics, fans reckon R.E.M. stands for the good ol’ Rapid Eye Movement sleep cycle. Which is a fair guess to make. But why are fans so set that this is the song title?


This particular snapshot comes at 3:15 in the music video of No Tears Left To Cry. 


Can we just appreciate the Ariana fandom for a second as they help each other out.


Well there you have it.

Up next are the lyrics which didn’t quite attract the same level of Sherlockdeducing as the others. Instead, the reactions to the lyrics are mostly like the below.



Then, we honestly get to the most peak teenage fandom vibes ever as the Arianators got around her last tweet – the one with three cloud emojis. 


I don’t know whether to be afraid or amazed.

Although Ariana is set to fully take over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon May 1 where she’ll be the only guest for the full hour.

The announcement came via Ari’s twitter in typical Jimmy Fallon fashion.


If you wanna relive the glory that is the No Tears Left To Cry music video, then you can do so below.

NTLTC was Ariana’s first song release since the 2017 Manchester stadium bomb blast that killed 22 fans as they left her concert.