WELP: Ariana Grande’s Alleged Engagement Ring Reportedly Cost A Cool $120K

The existence of Ariana Grande’s new relationship with Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson came as a surprise. Allegations they’re already engaged had many shocked. News about the alleged engagement ring? Well, it’s almost too much. We think it’s time for a nice lie down.

Regardless, TMZ reports the ice spotted on the 24-year-old’s finger was custom-made by a New York City jeweller – and came with a $122,000 price tag.

Citing sources close to the couple, the outlet claims the Greg Yuna piece took a fortnight to complete. Davidson allegedly picked it up last month.

It’s reportedly comprised of 3.03 carats of diamond boasting a VVS1 clarity rating, meaning flaws can only be detected in the stones by an expert with access to a microscope.

While we wait for the pair to confirm or deny the fact they’re getting hitched, we’re going to do a deep dive through Yuna’s earlier work. Old mate is no stranger to crafting ice for the stars.