Ariana Grande Hypes New Single As “Just Feelings Really” & That’s Such A Mood

Ariana Grande is currently hyping the release of her new track on Thursday night US time – so tomorrow morning for us – and if we could just have it now pls that would be great thnx.

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Since revealing the existence of ‘Imagine‘ on Wednsday, she’s been posting updates on a countdown clock on Instagram.

The track could be the rumoured track Grande is prepping about her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died this year of an unintentional drug overdose.

The singer also teased out themes from her new album and its first two singles with a draft tweet she also posted as a Story, which reads:

a lot of this album mourns failed yet important, beautiful relationships in my life (as well as celebrates growth / exploring new independence). but for those of you asking about imagine: i would say if ‘thank u, next’ = acceptance… ‘imagine’ = denial. hope that makes sense.

There’s a snippet of the track in her Stories too, and sonically it’s already sounding completely different to pop banger ‘Thank U, Next’. What you can make out is a kind a skittering beat and the vocal line, “Imagine a world like that.” What is absolutely certain about the song? Issa bop.

Grande’s continued to tease out what we can expect from the new track in replies to fans on Twitter, writing that the single is about “pretending [a relationship never ended“, and concluding “it’s just feelings really”.

At the end of the day though Grande is just keen for people to finally get to hear it, and to form their own connections to the single.

[I]t’s just feelings really” is such a damn mood.