Liam Stapleton may be a triple j presenter, but when it comes to meeting his idols, he’s still as easily starstruck as the rest of us. Case in point: when the Arctic Monkeys stopped by the station for an interview with Veronica and Lewis for their afternoon show, Liam was determined to meet them, but didn’t want to come across as too obvious of an admirer. His solution? Disguise himself as a producer and crash the interview.

“I wasn’t interviewing them and I didn’t wanna seem like a fan boy,” he told PEDESTRIAN. “Logical conclusion, wear a cheap headset, hold a notepad, look important. Foolproof plan, it worked like a treat.” He told us that he okayed the stunt with Veronica and Lewis’ actual producer – who may or may not have been bummed to miss out – and snuck in.

So did it work? “I don’t think they suspected a thing,” Liam told us. “I didn’t say much.” The plan required staying back well past his usual breakfast hours and pulling a twelve-hour day in the studio. All the same, Liam told us that it was worth pushing through the tiredness on a Friday arvo to meet the Arctic Monkeys instead of just chilling at home, and now he has a picture for his mantle.

So would he do this ever again for another visiting celebrity? “Veronica and Lewis have had Noel Fielding on before, he’s my favourite person ever. If he was here I might try and work out where he was staying and disguise myself as a PR person for the tour or something …”