The First ‘Aquaman’ Reviews Are In And… Turns Out It Might Be Pretty Good

The past few years have been touch-and-go for Warner Bros. and their DC cinematic universe. Its opening attempts at iconic heroes Batman and Superman were met with derision, Suicide Squad famously did not live up to the madcap vision shown in early trailers, and Justice League, the tentpole of the franchise meant to rival Marvel‘s insane success with The Avengers, was only meh.

But early reviews suggest Aquaman, the studio’s latest output, could near 2017’s Wonder Woman as a high point of the DC project.

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Reviewers shared their initial impressions this morning, praising the film’s fun approach to the source material, the performances of stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, and the buoyant direction of local legend James Wan.

Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm likened it to a “Marvel phase one movie,” which is a bloody decent compliment considering the box office onslaught caused by DC’s main rivals.

Brandon Davis of had a lot of time for the film’s apparent detours into fantasy territory, suggesting the kind of bombast most recently seen in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. 

Dan Of Geek’s Mike Cecchini mirrored those comments, advocating for the “’80’s fantasy/adventure movie vibe” of the project.

Positive reviews echoing those claims have proliferated since the embargo lifted, suggesting a big, fat W for a studio which has been struggling to find a unique tone for its heroic projects.

Aquaman hits Australian cinema screens on Boxing Day, and if these early takes are anything to go by, DC might just have a happy new year.