Looks like you thirsty ‘Australia Ninja Warrior‘ watchers won’t have to wait too long for a new season. 

After almost three million people tuned in last night for the finale, Channel 9 have quickly opened up applications for season two, with filming scheduled for December and January. 



They’re looking for people over 18 who are residents or citizens of our fair country, from all over Oz and from diverse backgrounds, who would be “physically and mentally able to partake in an intensive obstacle course“.

While you don’t need to be a “super athlete“, you’re expected to be in “excellent physical condition“. 

To apply, you’ve gotta send in a headshot and a full body shot, as well as a video up to five minutes long. The casting directors encourage you to “Be creative, be unique, be honest and show us who you really are.” And then you’ve gotta tell them a bunch of personal stuff, direct to camera, talking about your motivations and why you’ve got what it takes to be Australia’s first ninja warrior.

You’l also need to answer this question: “What has been a major event in your life and how did you overcome it?” Medium-talk stuff right there. 

They also ask that you demonstrate your physical abilities:

Other weird things they demand to know include your shoe size, your partner’s name and their opinion on you going on the show, your greatest fear, your regrets, if there are any skeletons in your closet like jilted exes and sex tapes, and just about your childhood generally. 

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It’s the perfect opportunity for hobby rock climbers and the thousands of certified personal trainers being pumped out of fitness colleges every year. And bodybuilders. And grown-up child gymnasts. Just about anyone who’s generally “fit and agile“. Doing dynamic yoga once a week ain’t gonna cut it. 

If you’re keen to give the course a go, apply here by September 3. 

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