Applicants For Marc Jacobs’ Twitter Job Need To “Chill”

So many twitter users have been submitting their application for the role of twitter-er (tweeter? Captain of tweets?) for fashion brand Marc Jacobs that it is going to “take some time” to get through them all:

Vague twitter news is the best kind of news, and we’ve learned so so much of it via the random tweets by the voice of the Marc Jacobs twitterverse (ack i just used that word) Robert Duffy. Yesterday the Marc Jacobs twitter account dropped a tweet bomb by announcing Duffy’s reign as 140 character PR machine was coming to an end. How to replace such a prolific scribe? By putting out a casting call to the 90,000+ followers of twitter handle @MarcJacobsIntl and pass the baton on to someone out there with the perfect skills required to do the job i.e. a verbally succinct, unemployed stoner? OR someone with the following super-vague attributes as specified by @MarcJacobsIntl in a series of tweets:

“Were looking for someone to come on and take a job heading our twitter acct and social media. Send something clever for a chance at the job!

We just want to be entertained while we work here all night to make this show happen for you all! Show us what you got.

Expecting better than we are getting. This is a serious job offer. Will fly you in for an interview. We will relocate you to NYC. Pays well

We are interviewing only people who are tweeting us. Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet! That is your interview!

This offer is dead serious. We want someone who truly gets what were all about. Smart, funny, and entertaining. Keep em coming.

You’ve gotta do a little better than you have been. We want the best! And no fakes. You gotta truly get our brand. Were a tight knit family

Asking for it and saying please isn’t going to cut it. We need to see you wit! Impress us with your tweet skills.

No resumes. No cover letters. Were not interested. Your tweets are the only qualification were interested in.”

With such job requirements needless to say the HR department (social media bro?) has had to sift through an endless number of bad abbreviations and winking emoticons. We feel that most of our commenters could do this job in their sleep what with your sharp tongues and concise wording. If you were to apply for the job what would you tweet to show your epic twitter skills? Tweet on in the comments section.

Via Gawker