All The The Spaceships In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Are Named After Classic Holdens

We all know that Thor: Ragnarok was filmed in the heart of ‘Straya, with areas of the Brisbane CBD subbing in for New York City during filming. But while the streets and cars were covered to make it look like somewhere else, it turns out you couldn’t quite get *all* of Australia out of the finished film.

Director Taika Waititi has admitted that he buried a swathe of different references to the Great Southern Land throughout the film, with eagle-eyed fans expected to pick them all out.

If you wanna go into the film absolutely blind this might be the time to turn around and leave; there be spoilers comin’. Extremely mild spoilers, sure. But spoilers nonetheless.

Waititi sat down with Ben Liam from Triple J earlier this morning to discuss the upcoming film, revealing that he kept himself sane on the set by burying little nods to Australiana throughout the movie.

The biggest and most obvious reference to Australia, which Waititi revealed, is that the ships featured throughout the film all take their names from classic Holden cars.

That an escape vessel featured in the film is named the Commodore is apparently no coincidence, and Waititi revealed that that ship is paired up with other ones sporting names like the Statesman and the Torana. They even went so far as to paint one of the ships in the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon Craig Lowndes in a bog-standard V8 would still have all those ships beat in a hot lap of Mount Panorama.

Apparently the sly nods to the Hemsworth Homeland don’t end there either, with at least one (extremely subtle) reference to The Castle reportedly featuring at some point in the film.

Where and when, exactly? You’ll have to wait until October 26th to find out.