In all the things I don’t think I saw coming in 2020 – though I really bloody should have – magician-turned-reality-man Apollo Jackson has released his own magic kit so you too can do some sneaky tricks at home.

Yeah, should have seen this coming a mile away, hey.

Anyway, the ex-Bachelorette, ex-Bachelor In Paradise, and ex-Australia’s Got Talent man who’s talented with his hands has put out his own box of tricks for amateur magicians out there, and I’m sorry but I just can’t stop thinking about Gob Bluth. Because this has massive Gob energies to it.apollo jackson magic kit

Just fucken look at that picture of Apollo on the box and tell me, right to my face, that it doesn’t evoke this image in your mind.

Oh god, the promo video has the same energy too.

It looks like he’s filmed the whole thing at 2am on a night at Schoolies. I’m screaming.

Aside from the huge illusionist vibes, the Apollo Jackson ~hyper~ magic kit apparently has over 100 “easy to master” street magic tricks for anyone over the age of 8, including classic gags like vanishing ink, bend a spoon with your mind, and levitation magic.

Ok now the more I’m reading this the more I’m like “fucken….hell yes“. Maybe this is how it happens, maybe the biggest trick of all is making people who scoff at magic kits actually get razzed up about it.

God damn it Apollo Jackson, you are magic.

apollo jackson magic kit

He apparently fell in love with magic as a kid when he was given his own box of tricks, and he wanted to take the chance to bring some classics to a whole new wave of young Aussies to get into the fine art of faking it, with card tricks and something called “magic with sponge”.

The kits go for $69.95 a pop (nice) and you can pre-order one from the website for when they drop on November 15.

Image: Instagram / @apollojacksonofficial / Paton Media