Apollo Ate Pizza & Cried After Being Rejected On ‘Bachelorette’ Last Night

Last night, everyone’s favourite hunky musician Apollo was eliminated from The Bachelorette, in a bittersweet moment that kind of broke your heart but also made you like both him and Sophie more.

Sophie cried, Apollo cried, Australia cried, and then Apollo went home and ordered pizza. Yep.

“I went and got some food and binged on pizza and had a little bit of a cry at home,” he told NowToLove.

“I was crushed, I was heartbroken, even when [Sophie] took me outside to talk I was fighting back tears,” he told News Corp.

“I comfort ate to get over it. Doesn’t everyone?”

Even in his breakup, Apollo is still as charming and nice and unfathomably good as ever. When NowToLove asked if his Grandma Elli was “fuming”, he replied in the negative.

“Grandma was the same as me. At the end of the day, you just want Sophie to be happy. Sophie’s made the best decision for her.”

And just listen to him gush about Sophie, who while we can all agree is the best thing to ever happen to this franchise also just picked Jarrod over him.

“It’s just amazing that someone was so real and down-to-earth. She’s got this amazing side that just makes you feel so comfortable around her. She’s got this bubbly personality as well…

“She’s got this kid-like side which I have as well so we can be silly and take the mickey out of each other. Yeah, there was just so much! Plus she’s a really kind person, too.

“She always makes people feel good wherever she goes and that’s just part of her nature of who she is.

“I still admire all those qualities in her. She’s made the best choice for her and I’m super happy for that. In no way has this situation tarnished what I think of her.

“I still look up to her as an amazing woman. She’s an amazing human being!”

BRB, crying again.

Apollo – whose real name is Jake Spence – also says he’s pretty keen on being next year’s Bachelor, but if experience has taught us anything (Richie, Matty J), it’s that the fan favourite on a Bachelorette season doesn’t always translate into a loveable Bachelor next year. The sheen wears off with maximum screen time and media training, you know?

And he’s not dating anyone yet, FYI. “Since the show’s finished I just came back straight to family. I’ve been catching up on work and hanging with family. I haven’t been out at all.”

As for who wins Sophie’s heart tonight, he says he has absolutely no idea (oh c’mon, it’s gotta be Stu, right?), but did tell News Corp that he wouldn’t be surprised if Jarrod proposes. Honestly, same. That dude needs to chill.

“I’ve checked, and our blood types match, Sophieeee.”