We Found A Dank Meme Graveyard On Reddit & It’s No Laughing Matter

Did you know the Grumpy Cat meme is almost five years old now? In internet years, that permanently frowning cat is definitely dead, which is probably why you don’t see her around much anymore.

But when a meme loses its dank, where does it go? Let me preface the answer with this – there is no such thing as meme heaven. There is only meme hell and it’s mostly filled with misused Pepe the Frog nonsense.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, the real answer is the Antique Memes Reddit page.

Serving as a kind of memorial for the memes of yesterday, /r/Antiquememes is a great way to relive the classics, like Bad Luck Brian or Good Guy Greg. Think of it like visiting a meme museum or laughing at the goofy old pictures hanging on your grandparents’ walls.

Self described as “antiquated shit memes”, the page has a humble community of around 3,000 subscribers. It’s quite funny to see how the internet’s collective sense of humour has changed over the years and in some ways, it’s majorly cringeworthy.

I mean, look at some of these classic, but insanely outdated memes.

by u/Blibblop34 in Antiquememes

by u/derpturtle42 in Antiquememes

They said no one liked Antique Memes
by u/TexAgGiant in Antiquememes

The very first Advice Animal (7 September 2006)
by u/PM_ME_YOUR_SELF_HARM in Antiquememes

It seems like only yesterday that these were seen as the cream of the meme crop, but now feel like your dad’s favourite jake about the Italian chef that “pasta way”. Stale and deeply unfunny.