Another Person Caught Drink Driving Whilst Riding A Motorised Esky

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Me and me stubbies can clock 60k on a dirt road. Fucken’ two-stroke, yiew!” – Inventor of the motorised esky, probably.
After an incident that more or less involved exactly the same thing a few months ago, a Western Australian man has now been caught driving whilst under the influence, with his vehicle of choice being that most Australian of wonders, the Motorised Esky.
The man was spotted piloting the marvel of modern man smack bang down the middle of West Coast Drive outside the Sorrento Surf Club at around 8pm on Friday night.
Though his offence may be serious – and may stem from a fundamental understanding of the law (if it uses petrol, you need a license to operate it on the road) – we certainly applaud his intentions of bunging a Ray Martin of Germaine Greer’s into the ole’ esky, before fanging it down the frog and toad from the rubbery dub, back home in time to have a Dad & Dave before the hugs & kisses figures out you’ve had a Barry Crocker at the dishlickers and blown the last bit of folding stuff from your sky rocket.
*sniffs, singing* FOR WE ARE YOUNG AND FREE…