Bachie Beauties Anna Heinrich & Tim Robards Share First Dreamy Wedding Pics

Yesterday, our OG Bachelor sweethearts Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards finally tied the knot at the Masseria Potenti hotel in the southern Italy region of Puglia.

Loyal Bachie fans were extremely hyped for the wedding considering Tim was our first Bachelor who back in 2013, met Anna, fell in love, and made us all very emotional. In the five years since, Anna and Tim have truly cemented their place as one of the most ~ aesthetically pleasing ~ couples to look at – I mean, just look at their Instagrams and try not shed a tear.

Since the wedding, we’ve had a lot of paparazzi shots floating around the internet but today Anna and Tim have posted their own official photos to their respective accounts and my God they’re one absolutely gorgeous couple.

First we have Anna’s:

Judging by the tags, After The Rock Weddings was behind this dreamy celebration of love. Georgie also planned Australian blogger, Nicole Warne’s (Gary Pepper Girl) insane wedding. Photographs were taken by the truly talented Bayleigh Vedelago

And now to Tim’s post that will make you leak tears:

LOOK AT THAT DRESS. STUNNING. SO STUNNING. Tim also looks exceptionally sharp.

Confirmed by the tag, the dress was designed by Steven Khalilone of Australia’s leading designers in bridal and red carpet gowns.

As Tim posted earlier in the week, he and his groomsmen were dressed by Calibre Australia. 

It’s been a long time coming for us Bachie fans after learning Tim had proposed to Anna in rural Kimberly last year. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of magazine features, pre-wedding shoots, and countless posts of the two flaunting their undying love on social media. Jealous? Just a tad. Extremely happy for the couple? Yes and yes.

Congratulations to our Bachie sweethearts.


Their Insta-Stories, I forgot their Insta-Stories:

Credit: Instagram / Anna Heinrich


Credit: Instagram / Tim Robards