Come See ‘Bachelor’ Alum Anna Heinrich’s Proper Joke Of An OTT Hens Party

It feels like Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards, the first couple to emerge from The Bachelor Australia and amazingly, an incredibly successful match, have been engaged for 400 years. Have they? Is it the year 2418? Maybe.

Anyway, the pair have actually only been engaged just on a year, amazingly. And since their wedding’s scheduled for the end of 2018 in Europe (swish, hey), they’re firmly on that pre-wedding event bullshit, holding their respective buck’s and hen’s parties over the weekend.

Folks, these are not your cheese-plate-and-stripper style parties. No siree. This is the big leagues.

Anna started her day off with a RetroSweat aerobics class, which is my idea of a nightmare filled with demon clowns but hey, you do you Anna.

Then she presumably showered and headed off to a v swank lunch at Lucio’s Italian Restaurant in Sydney, with the theme “La Dolce Vita” which I think everyone just interpreted as “nice dresses and a lot of hair”.

Also Anna had an entire outfit change at some point. Girl had THREE outfits for her hen’s day. That is some level of extra.

There were heart sunnies as party favours which I think is La Dolce Vita style but idk, they’re cute anyway.

Also there are several videos/boomies of people juggling lemons which is weird.

THEN – oh yes, friends, it did not stop there – they all got on a boat, presumably purely for the sunset Instagram shots.

Extreme in all ways, my friends. Tim’s bucks? Way more low key. He went to the Hunter Valley for the weekend, shacking up at Willow Tree Estate with ~da boiz~.

And played… golf. Men are so weird, I’m sorry.

Here he is all excited about the sunset! Sorry but Anna surely won this competition.

Okay, he had one cool thing – a drone.

Not nearly enough penis straws and tying the groom to a tree naked, imo.