The worst thing about not winning ‘The Bachelor‘, imo, would no longer being relevant several years after the show ended. Season 3 winner (then loser, then first ‘Bachelorette‘) Sam Frost? About to be the leading star on the celeb season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen‘. Season 4 runner-up Nikki Gogan? Shunned the post-Bachie careers of media personality and/or Instagram celebrity for a job in real estate.

Australia’s first ever ‘Bachelor’ winner, Anna Heinrich, falls firmly into the former category. She and ex-Bachelor Tim Robards still regularly appear in the gossip pages, and while their every move isn’t breathlessly documented in the Daily Mail, they still do things like, say, land magazine covers like it’s NBD.

Behold, the beautiful bride-to-be Anna on the cover of Cosmo Bride looking like an actual IRL angel.

“I’M A BRIDE….. well, almost,”
Anna wrote on Instagram. “To be asked to shoot the cover of Cosmo Bride was such an amazing honour. I’ve never tried on a wedding dress before, so this was such a special moment for me.”

Anna & Tim got engaged in May this year, so it makes total sense for a bridal mag to nab one (or both) of them for a shoot.

If this is the dress she ends up getting married in (á la Carrie Bradshaw in the first ‘Sex and the City‘ movie), then the girl is gonna look like an angelic swan walking down the aisle.

She also lowkey looks like Ivanka Trump here, which is…. confusing. 

“It was so much fun and so exciting to try different styles, and the dresses couldn’t have been more beautiful,”
she told Cosmo. “The excitement of my actual wedding started kicking in and it’s a taste of what’s to come for the big day.”

And check out this rose-heavy reveal. That is the beauty of ‘Bachelor’-related content. The branding is already right there for you, and it looks aesthetic as hell.

Between this and rumours that Sam and Snez tied the knot in secret, it’s looking like the ‘Bachelor’ may produce some long-lasting relationships after all.

Check out some more of the pics here.

Photo: Cosmo Bride / Instagram.