Angie Kent Unloaded A Bunch Of Deets About Her Relationship With Carlin Sterritt & Oof

Last week, The Bachelorette alum Carlin Sterritt spilled a heap of tea about his split from Angie Kent. Now, your girl has gone and done the same.

Appearing on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Angie revealed the pair called it quits in June this year, although they didn’t announce it on Instagram until a month later.

“We finished filming [The Bachelorette] in August last year, and Carlin and I decided to break up… it would have been around June,” she began.

“We were discussing what are we going to do, it was getting hard. But we didn’t really announce it until July. I was in Queensland when we fully decided [to split]. I needed to go home and be with the family. It just wasn’t good. And then, you know, I just kept staying [in Queensland].”

Carlin copping a rose from Ang on The Bachelorette. (Credit: Ten)

She added, “It was good for a while, until it wasn’t. At the end of the day, chemistry doesn’t always mean compatibility. We were smitten with each other on the show, but our values were different.”

The Gogglebox star then elaborated on why their values varied and it’s the exact reason you thought it was.

“I’m a little more spiritual, a little bit more carefree and wild, whereas he’s more, you know, kind of … He’s a Christian boy. He’s just… we’re just different,” she said.

Speaking on NOVA Entertainment’s latest poddy How To…Life, Carlin explained that Angie’s relationship with her Bachie runner-up Timm Hanly played a hand in their breakup and fkn yikes, m8.

“She really cared for Timm. They were kind of messaging a little bit afterwards. I was trying to play it cool, like ‘it’s fine’, you know it’s all good, and I was trying to be nice and I was trying to do the right thing And then more and more, her and Timm messaging each other it just started to really eat me away.”

Well, we all know how that turned out.