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Angie Kent has taken to Instagram this evening to deliver an immaculate takedown of the men from her season, claiming they were “only there to get onto BiP“.

Following tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, in which more and more ex-hopefuls from Angie’s season popped up, many began to wonder what the former Bachelorette herself thought about the whole situation.

Turns out they didn’t have to wait long.

With a glass of wine in hand, Angie poured the damn tea on her Instagram story, suggesting this season should be called “98% from Angie’s Season of Bachelorette, in Paradise” instead.

Here’s her entire caption:

“Me sitting here knowing that 98% of the fellas from my season were casted and only there to get onto BiP. This season should have been renamed ‘98% from Angie’s Season of Bachelorette, in Paradise’… Love that for me.”

“Oh well. I certainly gave it my all and learnt some swell little lessons about myself / dating / ‘excellent pretend daters’ / ‘bro code’ / ‘manipulators’ and most importantly LOVE… even if it wasn’t my forever love! Still conquered my fear and surrendered to the scary L letter word.”

So, yeah, when I said pouring the tea, I actually meant hosing some scolding hot tea. By the gallon.

I reckon we can all agree that she merely said what we’d all been thinking. Either way, we love to see Angie not holding back.

For the full low-down on tonight’s festivities, head on over to the Bachie in Paradise episode recap here.

Image: Instagram / @angiekent_