Angie & Carlin Hit Back At All The Trolls Who Have Been Mouthing Off On Social Media

Welp, it’s all over folks. Done and dusted. Over red rover. The Bachelorette is outta here for another year.

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And as per usual, punters are offering their unsolicited opinions on who our leading lady Angie Kent shoulda chosen.

After picking Carlin Steritt on last night’s ep, Angie’s Instagram became flooded with sunflower emojis from Timm Hanley’s supporters – a nod to the handsome long-haired yahoo who gave Angie a bunch of sunflowers at the start of the season.

via @angiekent_ / Instagram
via @angiekent_ / Instagram
via @angiekent_ / Instagram

A few hours ago, I got on the horn to the happy couple to ask Carlin how he’s been dealing with the Bachie trolls.

“From the very beginning, hearing all the criticism about my past marriage and stuff like that was hard,” he told me.

“I was probably a bit naive going into the experience because I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

The good news is that dealing with the haters has taught him to grow a thick skin which is bloody great to hear.

“But ya know what, I’ve become really resilient during the show and it’s all become white noise to me. I know people are going to be biased about who they like and will have nasty things to say but at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect me and my life with Angie whatsover.”

And as for all those sunflower fiends, here’s how he feels about you lot:

“I think hurting people say hurtful things so I look at it from a completely different light, I’m quite compassionate, empathetic guy so if someone has gone out of their way to try and troll me, it probably means they’ve got something going on in their life so I feel sorry for them.”

Adding, “It’s almost like a detachment from reality, I don’t think they realise we’re real people. They see us as entertainment.”

Because Angie’s been in the public eye for quite some time having starred in Gogglebox and I’m A Celeb, she’s obvs used to online beef, but the only thing that bothers her is people saying she made the wrong decision.

“The thing that I would get more upset about is not so much what people say about me, but people saying I should’ve picked Timm because that’s who they would’ve picked but I picked who I wanted to pick,” she insists.

“But again, it’s one of those things where that’s their opinion. They’ve fallen in love with Timm ‘coz he’s such an eccentric character but I’ve fallen in love with Carlin and that’s what the show was all about.”

Amen to that, sista!