Angelina Jolie & The Weeknd Were Spotted On A Date And If You Saw This Coming You’re Fkn Lying

Angelina Jolie

Because 2021 couldn’t get any weirder, the latest celebrity relationship to hit the old rumour mill is straight outta left field. Apparently Angelina Jolie — Oscar-winning actress, humanitarian, mum to a whole brood of kids — was spotted on a date with none other than The Weeknd.

Wait, what now?

Angelina Jolie

This isn’t to shade either Angelina Jolie or the Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye), because they’re both perfectly dateable people, but my LORD this has thrown me. They’re just such an… odd match.

According to The Sun — which is quite a trashy tabloid, I’ll admit, but they often get these things very right — the pair were spotted out for dinner at Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles this week.

The outlet reports that Angelina Jolie, 46, and The Weeknd, 31, spent “hours” eating dinner, so this doesn’t sound like a quick casual catch-up where you scoff your pesto penne so fast you get indigestion.

No, this was romantic, Lady and the Tramp-style stuff, people!

The pair were papped “leaving separately to avoid suspicion”, which makes the whole thing even more fucking suspicious, imo. If there’s nothing to see here then you just stroll out together. The cloak and dagger stuff just screams romance, to me.

Am I and the rest of the world reading into this far too much because the global pandemic has made the celeb gossip world quite boring? Yes, probably.

But with Angelina Jolie splitting with Brad Pitt in 2016 and The Weeknd breaking up with his on-off girlfriend Bella Hadid for good in 2019, it’s been yonks since these two were publicly back in the game. Good for them! Hope they’re happy! Hope the pesto was good!