Andy Serkis, motion capture performer of ‘Lord of the Rings‘, ‘King Kong‘ and the ‘Planet of the Apes‘ franchise fame, joined Stephen Colbert on ‘The Late Show‘ to promote ‘War for the Planet of the Apes‘ last night.

They spoke about his character Caesar, ape leader, and the movie being about “the war for Caesar’s soul“, and about Serkis’ career trajectory from “a three-and-a-half-foot ring junkie to a 25-foot gorilla“, aka, “the end of typecasting as we know it“. 

But Colbert also got Serkis to take the absurdity of Trump‘s Twitter presence to its natural end (who are we kidding, there’s no natural end, it will never end). 

How’s that, you may wonder? Well, he asked Serkis to take on these quintessential Trump takes:

And of course, the tweet that launched a thousand average-to-excellent Twitter jokes

Andy Serkis Reads Trump Tweets As Gollum, Doesn’t Understand Covfefe Either

Wait, what’s covfefe, precious?

Serkis was awfully obliging, even getting into his character’s posture by jumping up into a crouch on the couch: 

We are all been Colbert with his expression of pure glee: “I gotta say, they actually sound better that way.” 

So now, instead of imagining a red-faced man shouting into the void whenever you read a Trump tweet, you can sub in thisssssss. 

Source: Vanity Fair

Photo: New Line Cinema.