WATCH: Andy Lee Tried To Sneak A Very Obvious Fake Nose Onto ‘Today’

Those of you up early enough to catch Hamish Blake and Andy Lee‘s curious appearance on The Today Show earlier this morning would have noticed that things took an extremely curious, nasally turn for the weird.

The duo stopped by for a chat with ye olde Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson to promote their new mostly-a-joke-but-you-can-actually-buy-it fragrance ‘Andy by Hamish‘  – a “smart casual fragrance for men” – which is on shelves in limited amounts as we speak.

As the appearance wore on, something curious caught the camera – and the hosts – eye: Andy, for some reason, appeared to be wearing an outrageously long and extremely obvious fake nose.

A joke? A cover-up? A ridiculous stunt pulled just to see if they could get away with it? Turns out it was a little of all three.

The story goes that Lee woke up earlier this morning rocking a giant blind pimple. Rather than hide it behind mere concealer, the idea to try and sneak a fake nose past everyone at Channel Nine without noticing seemed way funnier, and thus Hamish documented the entire process via Instagram stories.

The entire six-minute saga has been stitched together this afternoon. A mighty quest. Would it ever succeed? Who really nose.

And if that smartphone camera footage didn’t display it clearly enough, the actual on-air footage from Today leaves little doubt: No one was fooled for even a second.

But hey, on an hour’s notice? That’s a pretty goddamned good crack at a fake schnoz.

Now if we can slowly work our way up to the point where something like this is normal on breakfast TV…

…then baby, we’ll be arriving at MoneyTown.