Produced in association with our mates at Intel Australia

What better place to bring our series on the marriage of technology, innovation and The Future to an end than with a man who has been there since the beginning – not the very beginning per se, but at least the beginning of a new era in Australian television. 

Having been involved in some capacity with some of the most innovative Australian programming in recent memory, from Enough Rope and CNNNN to all things Gruen affiliated, Andrew Denton is better placed than most to speak on the future of television and entertainment in Australia, provided you leave the topic of English children with a predilection for finger biting out of the picture.

Below are our final two instalments in our look behind-the-scenes and screens of Vivid 2014 as seen through the eyes of our #inteltablets Vivid Editor, Amanda, equipped as she is below with an Intel-powered 2 in 1, the Asus Transformer Book T100.   

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Photo: Rob Kim via Getty