CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses suicide.

In a scathing open letter written by Caroline Flack‘s ex, he calls out the media industry for its toxic culture, naming and shaming multiple people who he blames for Flack’s untimely death.

The former Love Island UK host took her own life last year while facing trial for the alleged assault of her partner, tennis player Lewis Blurton. She was due to go on trial on March 4, and had entered a plea of not guilty. The day before her death, Flack found out that she would be prosecuted and feared press intrusion, the Coroner’s Court heard.

Andrew Brady (Flack’s ex boyfriend) has now spoken out against the media for exacerbating the situation and putting her under a great deal of stress.

In the open letter published to Brady’s website loveandhonesty69, he called out Dan Wootton, a writer for the The Sun and more recently The Daily Mail & GB News. He also called out the media industry as a whole.

“Dear Dan,

Please understand that this is completely personal. You have every right to be offended and I hope you are. You and your blood sucking cronies on the showbiz news desks at The Sun and The Daily Mail, are scum.

You’re all murdering scum. This is your judgement.

You have all got blood on your hands. Every single one of you. The ones who wrote the articles, the ones who approved them and the ones at the top who have encouraged it for decades.”

For years Caroline Flack’s private live has attracted intense media scrutiny. Andrew Brady said that over the years it really took a toll on Flack’s mental health.

“You made us distrust each other, lie to each other, resent each other and hate each other.

You killed her, all of you, you’ve been killing her for years. Taking her trust, taking her love and taking her soul away from her. Who are we without our souls?”

You can read the full letter here.

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