André Aciman Unveiled The Cover Of His ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Book Sequel

Call Me By Your Name

André Aciman has gifted fans with the cover of his forthcoming novel – the sequel to Call Me By Your Name – titled Find Me. You’ve got about five months to emotionally prepare.

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Call Me By Your Name was first published in 2007 and the film, starring Timothée Chalamet as Elio and Armie Hammer as Oliver, broke our hearts in 2017.

In Find Me, Elio’s father Samuel is now divorced and travels from Florence to Rome to visit his sonwho has become a respected classical pianist. Samuel will have a “chance encounter” on the train with a woman who changes his life forever. Elio moves to Paris where he has a “consequential affair” and Oliver, now a professor in New England, thinks about returning to Europe.

In the final part of the first novel, Elio and Oliver reunite a few times after their summer together in 1983. Elio tells Oliver that his father has died and his ashes are spread all over the world so it’ll be interesting to read how everything ties in together.

Aciman shared the cover on Twitter and look, it’s enough to evoke all those feels again.

“The colours of the buildings couldn’t have been more intensely Roman or captured the sensual Rome I’ve known and loved so much: ochre, faded orange, and, in the background, a serene blue sky,” Aciman told Entertainment Weekly. 

He added: “Find Me does not take place in Rome alone. An entire segment takes place in a rainy Paris by night while another is set in New York City late on a protracted Indian summer.”

Oof, we’re ready.

Find Me is slated for release October 2019.