And Now, Some Beautiful Strangers Will Slap Each Other In The Face

Remember that twee-as-all-hell video where a guy got a bunch of really good looking strangers together and made them all mack on with with each other?

In keeping with the Internet’s grand tradition of taking things that already exist and tweaking them ever-so-slightly into a new thing, now we have this: A bunch of strangers meeting and slapping the shit out of each other.
Also Hayley Joel Osment is there for some reason. And he kind of looks like Al from Home Improvement.
The film was directed by Max Landis and if the name sounds vaguely familiar it’s because he directed that one film Chronicle. And if that’s not the reason then it’s probably because he’s the son of John Landis who directed The Blues Brothers, Trading Places and Three Amigos among others.
Anyway, look. It’s a bunch of people slapping the taste out of each others mouths. Art? Awakening the sado masochism lurking within? Pure schadenfreude? You be the judge.