This Ana De Armas Stan Account Was Blocked By The Actress Herself & We Can’t Help But Laugh

Imagine stanning someone so hard that you create a stan account for them and amass thousands of followers, only to have that person block you. Such is the reality for AJ, the admin behind Ana de Armas Updates, who was recently blocked the the actress herself.

“BREAKING,” he tweeted a couples ago. “Golden Globe nominee and movie star Ana de Armas has recently blocked us!”

The tweet subsequently garnered over 85k likes, with other stan accounts sending their deepest condolences, while also providing suggestions for new celebrities to stan.

‘Tis a very difficult time indeed.

So what prompted the subsequent blocking? The account posted these paparazzi pics of Ana and partner Ben Affleck going for a walk over the Easter weekend, with the following tongue-in-cheek caption: “Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck walk their dogs outside instead of praying for the pandemic to go away on Easter Sunday.”

Ana obviously didn’t get the joke.

Either way, the fact that someone on Ana’s team acknowledged the tweet and was so moved by it that they actively blocked the stan account is nothing short of… iconic. A definitely win for AJ, I reckon.

As for the Twitter account’s future, they’re just gonna keep on keepin’ on.

“I think this made me stan her more, strangely,” he told PAPER. “It’s a power move, and I like a good diva.”