An Entertainment ‘Reporter’ Confused Samuel L. Jackson For Laurence Fishburne, The Cringe Knows No Bounds

KTLA anchor Sam Rubin has done fucked up. He done fucked up so hard that he confused one of the most famous humans in the world, Oscar nominee and noted bad-motherfucker, Samuel L. Jackson, for fellow actor Laurence Fishburne who is, arguably, best known for his film work as Morpheus in the Matrix (with respect).

This is–hard to watch.

Oh well. Potato, potato. Quarter Pounder with cheese, Royale with cheese.

In the same show, an apology was later made, because apparently he wasn’t referring to the much talked about Kia commercial starring Laurence Fishburne, but to the trailer for Captain America 2.


In other news, RoboCop.