Celebs often drop huge bombshells on us via Instagram, and Amy Schumer is no different. Remember when she dropped a slew of wedding pics from her surprise wedding to Chris Fischer? She’s sneaky like that.

Amy took to the ‘gram today to make another big announcement, posting a pic of herself in a red outfit with her hands vaguely hovering near her abdomen (and a cute couple pic with Fischer when you swiped over), and fans were quick to assume that the post, teamed with a caption that Schumer was “cookin something up”, was pregnant.

@leesaevansstyle and i are cookin somethin Up

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They flooded the comments with supportive messages like: “Congratulations I’m so happy for you both! You’re going to make a fabulous mommy, I wish I was the child LOL!” and “Congrats! I think she may be pregnant, look at the glow and bump” and “Shes pointing at her stomach and they are both cooking a bun in the oven. How does this not mean shes pregnant?”

Look, they’d be perfectly nice sentiments if she was pregnant, but, er, she’s not.

Schumer tagged her stylist Leesa Evans in the caption, and if you look closely she’s holding the fabric of her top – not gently caressing a baby bump. A few commenters got it, but Schumer hastily added a video clearing things up for her confused followers.

I always have a bump alert!

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Sitting in some kind of amazing outdoor bar area, Schumer says:

I am not pregnant. I am *takes sip of giant cocktail* not pregnant… It looked like I’m pointing to a bump or something but I’m not. Leesa Evans and I are creating a clothing line for all sizes and shapes and at a chill price point. That’s what I was trying to allude to, but thank you for thinking of my womb.

The clarification caused many well-meaning fans to backpedal, with one saying: “Awww but you would be an amazing mom. Hopefully soon thou”.

I’m more keen for the clothing line, tbh – that red ensemble is to die for. My take? Schumer can procreate whenever she damn likes, including never if that’s what she decides.

Image: Instagram / @amyschumer