Amy Schumer No Longer A ‘Barbie’ Girl, Drops Out Of Live Action Movie

When we first heard that Amy Schumer was going to play Barbie in a live-action film based on the beloved toy, we were curious as to how her raunchy style of humour might fit within the confines of a PG-rated family flick. 
It seems we’ll never get to find out, as overnight, Schumer made a statement to Variety saying that she had backed out of the high-profile project, citing the ever-ambiguous “scheduling conflicts” as an excuse. The actress said: 
“Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to ‘Barbie’ due to scheduling conflicts. The film has so much promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great partners. I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing ‘Barbie’ on the big screen.”
The film was due to start shooting in June, but Schumer has a promotional tour booked in for her comedy Snatched, and is also due to star opposite Steve Carell in She Came To Me, so these things may have influenced her decision.
Schumer did a polish on a recent draft of the film’s script, which is about a Barbie who gets “kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough”, although it’s unclear whether Sony will stick with this concept or find a new one. 
“We respect and support Amy’s decision,” said a representative for the studio in a statement. “We look forward to bringing Barbie to the world and sharing updates on casting and filmmakers soon.”
Mattel reportedly already has toys planned for the film, so Sony had better move to lock in a new star. As we speak, someone there may or may not be making a frantic phone call to Margot Robbie‘s agent to find out what she’s doing in June. 
Source: Variety.
Photo: Mike Marsland / Getty.