Bret Easton Ellis’ cult classic, American Psycho, is set to be remade by Lionsgate only a decade after the original.
The film adaptation of Ellis’ tour de force, which is still sold in shrink wrap in Australia due to its content, starred Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman and was something of a masterpiece, despite Easton Ellis maintaining that he’s never really liked any of the adaptations of his books. It was released in 2000, but performed poorly at the box office. The new remake is to be helmed by David Fincher protege Noble Jones, who was second unit director on The Social Network and will be set in ‘modern day Gotham’ – coincidentally a world Bale’s Batman has inhabited for the last five years.
While Easton Ellis hasn’t officially taken a stance on the new project, his latest Facebook post, a take-off of the PETA symbol ‘PETP: People For Ethical Treatment Of Patrick’ should make things pretty clear. Names being bandied around to succeeed Bale include Shia LaBouef – we are not kidding. And as for the modern times thing, how are scenes like the one above, going to work?
“You like Nicki Minaj?”
via Bret Easton Ellis.