Book-lovers, ready your pearl-clutching hands: I’ve got news of some truly shocking behaviour to report. In an interview on Good Morning America this week, star of Aquaman Amber Heard casually mentioned that noted hot guy Jason Momoa, who plays the title character, would tear out the pages of the books Heard was reading on set in order to get her to pay attention to him.

I’m sorry – what?!

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Heard couched her quote in the context of being “pranked”, but uhh…

I love Jason, we had so much fun together… but he is allergic to being ignored. And I am a bookworm, I love to read, so whenever there’s a break on set I like to read. So he quickly learned, he adopted this method of ripping out the pages of my book so I’d pay attention to him.

It would drive me crazy cos I’d have 30 pages left and they’d be gone.

That sounds like less of a prank and more of a Dick Move™. Especially considering that Heard had already rigged a special book bag that she could wear during her green-screen suspension shoots so she’d have something to do while literally hanging around waiting for the next take – and he tore out the pages?!

I am not the only one scandalised by this information.

Momoa has admitted to committing the crime against literature that is tearing up someone else’s book, but both he and Heard seem to think it’s funny and cute. Frankly if someone I worked with tore the last few pages out of a book I was reading, I’d be tearing out their hair by the fistful (and immediately getting fired, which would be worth it, because HOW DARE YOU). Yes, even you, Momoa! Those washboard abs can’t distract from your atrocities! The wrath of the world’s bibliophiles is gonna rain down on you, and may God have mercy on your soul!

Image: Getty Images / Patricia Schlein