Amanda Bynes Gives Rare Interview, Clarifies Her Thirsty Drake Tweets

Amanda Bynes has remained mostly out of the public eye since the highly-publicised breakdown that saw her hospitalised and placed into the conservatorship of her parents several years ago. 
This week, the former child star, now aged 31, gave a rare interview to Hollyscoop, saying that she is “doing great” after a few quiet years in fashion school, and plans to start her own clothing line as well as return to acting. 
She also discussed one of the most infamous aspects of her breakdown, her Twitter feed, in which she thirsted repeatedly after Drake, saying she wanted the former Degrassi star and high-profile sadboi to “murder” her vagina. 

“I wasn’t being insincere,” Bynes said, explaining her motivations. “I was saying murder my vagina! I was being serious but I was also on drugs … That was my way of saying, ‘let’s do it, man.’ I was on drugs and trying to be hilarious.”

As for what it means to murder a vagina, she said: “I don’t know. It just means, like, ‘fuck me, Drake.’” I feel that TBH.
Watch the whole interview here: 
Source: Hollyscoop.
Photo: Anthony Harvey / Getty.