Teen idol and America’s Sweetheart Disease Amanda Bynes has officially confirmed her status as my second favourite loose canon after yesterday publishing a vulgar tweet aimed at the object of her misguided affections, her star cross’d unrequited lover Drake

Bynes, once a promising second string on the Illyria high school soccer team with her own variety hour on Nick called The Amandamandamandamandamanda Show, reached a whole new level of #girls #gone #wild when she tweeted the following, an eloquent heartfelt missive that has since garnered some 23,000 RTs and warranted international media attention.

Last year Bynes was involved in several hit and run accidents, locked herself in a cupcake store bathroom, walked around a tanning salon naked, fled LA for New York, smoked a bunch of pot in a fast food joint’s parking lot and filled her cheeks with microdermal anchors and maniacal laughter. This is the world we live in now; one in which genital homicide is a desirable thing and a headline is but 140 characters of hot mess away.

Girl DGAF. 

Added bonus round: highlights from Amanda’s highly-favouritable feed