WATCH: Netflix Drops Trailer For Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Series ‘Altered Carbon’

Let the content flow. The unstoppable barrage of Netflix original series continues unabated today with the drop of the trailer for the new cyberpunk action show Altered Carbon. It looks… pretty damn slick, to be honest.

Based on Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 noir sci-fi-novel, the show takes place in a world where rich people can have their personalities and memories extracted from their bodies and put into new bodies called ‘sleeves’. A former soldier is brought back to life with this method to investigate the ‘murder’ of a rich man’s former body.

It looks pretty high-budget based on some of those very brief images in the trailer too. So that could be fun. Either way, it’s something colourful for you to fixate your eyes onto while hungover on the couch on a Sunday morning.

Altered Carbon begins streaming on Netflix on February 2nd, 2018.