Allen’s Deleting Green Frogs And Spearmint Leaves, Sherbies Safe For The Moment

Believe not what you read in the papers this morning, friends. Rumours of Sherbies demise are greatly exaggerated.

The orange-fizz sugary genius was widely reported to be on the chopping block at producing company Allen’s, with – at the very least – the Herald SunABC Radio Newcastle, and The New Daily reporting that they were being put squarely into the bin.
However later clarification from Allen’s parent company Nestlé has reassured consumers that Sherbies – along with other sweet treat Oddfellows – would be remaining in production for the foreseeable future. Margaret Stuart, a spokesperson at Nestlé, confirmed their status.
A lot of the things in the paper today are not true – we’re still keeping Oddfellows and Sherbies, and most of our lollies are exactly the same as they always were.
But here comes the bad news.
Green Frogs and Spearmint Leaves are definitely headed for the chopping block.
Citing declining sales, Allen’s will be deleting the pair from their production lines effective immediately.

“The situation is that our lollies are actually going gangbusters, but we have deleted a couple – we have deleted Spearmint Leaves and also the Green Frogs basically because they weren’t selling so well.”

Fortunately, that same fate won’t be befalling Red Frogs anytime soon.

“The Red Frogs are going gangbusters though. They outsell the green by 10 to one.”

Well, DER. Because you weren’t putting the damned green ones on the shelf in the first place. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a bag of green frogs actually in stock somewhere? Exactly. It’s a vendetta, we tell you. A VENDETTA.

This continues Allen’s recent spate of playing God with your childhood memories, alongside the shrinking of the Killer Python, and the deletion of things like Jelly Tots or the Violet Crumble bag.
Cards on the table here, the Green Frogs we can probably deal with. It’s sad, but the Red Frogs were always the superior, and they aren’t going anywhere, so it’s kind of OK.
But Spearmint Leaves? How on EARTH are kids supposed to know which ones in the Mixed Lolly bags to eat last now? Who will teach children this important lesson about prioritisation and rationing now? WHO?

via ABC News.