All The Single Ladies: Pedestrian Bachelorette Search Is Back

Who run the world? GIRLS. And in the spirit of Beyonce’s most ubiquitous – and accurate – recent catchphrase, we are happy to announce that entries are now open for the 2013 Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of the Year brought to you by the really, ridiculously good looking MINI Ray, a nation-wide search for Australia’s most talented, accomplished, ambitious, beautiful women.

If your status is “single”, “engaged” or even “it’s complicated”, you very much qualify to stand up and be celebrated for your mad skills, or alternatively you can dob in a beloved female friend or family member who you think fits the bill. We’re looking for Australian women who have more to offer than just a pretty face: fabulous all-rounders who inspire and raise the bar for everyone.

Head here to nominate a friend – or several friends, and here to enter yourself. You’ll have until June 19th to do so, and we’ll be profiling legions of brilliant everyday women across Pedestrian in the search for the ultimate Readers Choice Bachelorette.

Pedestrian will also nominate 50 celebrated women for the 2013 Pedestrian.TV Bachelorette of the Year on Thursday June 20th. Last year this section was taken out by categorically awesome surf champ Sally Fitzgibbons, who edged out an amazing selection of women including Teresa Palmer, Kym Ellery, Nicole Trunfio, Maude Garrett, Gracie Otto, Ruby Rose, Julia Stone, World Enduro Racer Jemma Wilson and Young Australian of the Year Marita Cheng.

This year will be even bigger, with winners from both categories being crowned on Friday July 26th at an exclusive awards event in Sydney. We cordially invite you, our readers, to dob in the legendary unmarried girls of your circles right now.