Here’s All The Just Dance Choreography From D-Floor Starter To Do Not Ever Do That In Public


I’m not going to lie to you – I’m a terrible dancer. I’ve once been told I had the grace of a penguin and not the Happy Feet kind, but the discount Pingu one. Whenever I’d be invited out dancing to a bar or a club, I could only muster up moves like “The Elaine” or randomly bounce around like a hungover teletubby.

However, the Just Dance series was still a staple throughout my childhood as all of the family gatherings, parties, and even school wet day timetables. They’ve also always been beginner-friendly, meaning anyone, regardless of their lack of flexibility can hop in and dance along with their friends and family. Everyone would be lining up to get a shot at dancing to their fave nostalgic pop hits.

Just Dance will be launching a new title coming out soon on the Switch, and will of course have new tracks and a fresh new look. You’ll also be able to play with up to five people online and in your own house and make your own playlists. At long last, you can now put on your own virtual Gaga concert in your living room.

With a new entry on the horizon, it’s worth taking a look back on some of its greatest hits over the year and giving them a personal ranking on if you can pull these off at the club.

Ariana Grande – ‘7 Rings’

This one is for your crew of Heathers to flex your squad choreography to show off what bad binches y’all are. The choreography in this dance borrows a lot from the music video as well, which makes it very organic to pull out in the club.

The moves also really match the trap rhythm of the song, with plenty of slow sections that transition into faster ones to mix it up. Definitely a strong choice if you’re looking for an iconic slower song with your group to feel sassy and strong.

Would you be able to bust these out at the club though? Maybe not the full song, but you can definitely incorporate all the moves into your own personal routine.

Kesha – ‘Timber’

A classic red cordial primary school disco track! There’s definitely an argument to be made that Kesha is the original hyperpop queen and ahead of her time.

Much like the music of Kesha, the dance moves in this track are tacky, over the top and a lot of fun. I mean, look at that opening rope move! Big Cowboy Pop doesn’t want you to know this, but you can use these moves for Old Town Road as well.

How well you can pull this one off in public depends on location. I wouldn’t recommend a square dancing at a night club as you’ll might knock a few people’s drinks out of their hand. But at your local TGI Fridays or other wings bar? Absolutely pop off.

Katy Perry – ‘Dark Horse’

This track is the quintessential Just Dance solo performance – perfect to dance to in your room if you want to feel like an empowered being. Just the video in this one is so dramatic and over the top, it’ll be hard not to feel exquisite yourself. From the grand entrance, the army of backup dancers, even the outfit changes between the chorus and verse? Iconic.

It is a bit of a slow one as well so you can take your time striking these poses and feeling boujee while you do.

Now I personally wouldn’t bust any of these out in the club, however, if you’re someone with a lot of confidence you probably could make it work.

Taio Cruz – ‘Dynamite’

Definitely another staple to any Just Dance party. This one’s perfect for a full party of four with a clean mix of easier moves and chances to pop off and strut your stuff. I’m also convinced Matt Healy of the 1975 has exclusively taken all his dance moves from this one.

I reckon this is a solid no-brainer to pull off at a club.

Black Pink – ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’

Kpop and Just Dance is a blend that just makes sense. It should be no surprise that Blackpink is one of the most popular tracks as the vid for Ddu-du Ddu-Du has received over a billion views on Youtube, and videos teaching the choreography is also a lucrative genre on the site. I’m also certain that if I omitted a Kpop song from this article, the Kpop army would eat me alive.

Just Dance incorporates some of those classic moves from the official Blackpink choreography, like those famous finger guns. Another bonus is that you can actually learn the dances that you always see people trying to learn on your Uni campus and laugh at how much better you know the moves.

Britney Spears – ‘Baby One More Time’

Of course, the queen of pop would have the most iconic dance moves on Just Dance. This one will have you dancing all around the room, so definitely make sure you clear any table out of the way. You’ll also get a chance to do plenty of Sailor Moon anime poses and dance in perfect sync with your besties. Nothing builds teamwork like synching your choreography together.

Now could you pull these off in the club? Absolutely. Whenever this song comes on, you’ll most likely be singing it to your friends anyway so who cares what other people think!

Doja Cat – ‘Woman’

This ones coming up in the latest Just Dance game and is already looking to be so iconic. What’s hitting me the most is how impressive the in-game cinematics are! I love how involved the dance coach is in this one and how it borrows themes from the music video as well, showing off the coach as a goddess just like Doja herself in the vid.

The choreography is filled with some of Doja’s iconic dance moves that fit perfectly with the songs driving afrobeat that’ll have you feeling like a rhythm queen. I think you’ll defs be able to pull some of these off in the club as ‘Womah’ comes on and flex some of that Doja swagger.

And there you have it folks, the quintessential Just Dance playlist for you to make in the upcoming Just Dance game. Going through all of these was a massive hit of nostalgia for me. Despite not being the biggest pop music fan, these tracks still unlocked some pretty core memories.

Just Dance 2023 is out now on Nintendo Switch and is your go-to for the next best dance game out there. Whether you’re nailing the dance moves on your own, or playing it with the fam on the holidays, you’ll defs be having a blast with this one. The game is also adding new content often, so be sure to check in to see when they add more songs and dance moves throughout the year.

If you’d like to learn more about Just Dance 2023 and its upcoming features click here.