Alison Brie Once Peed Herself On The ‘Mad Men’ Set Thanks To ’60s Underwear

Alison Brie, a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an elaborate 1960s ensemble, was one of our favourite parts of Mad Men, even if – spoiler alert – we can’t believe Trudy Campbell took Pete back at the end, because he was such a shit.

Anyway, Brie appeared on a recent episode of Late Night, where she told Seth Meyers the overshare-y and amazing story of how she became soaked in her own pee while shooting an episode of the show.
The star was required to wear a form-shaping ’60s girdle for her scenes, but didn’t quite know the appropriate way to put it on, and during a desperate pee break, things took … an upsetting turn.
Long story short, Brie ended up shooting an entire Mad Men scene while soaked in her own pee. BRB guys, we’re following Seth’s lead and heading off to watch the entire series again so we can figure out when the hell this happened.
 It probs wasn’t this scene though: