The amount of questions we have about extraterrestrials knows no bounds. Legit, you could fill a library with all our wonderment about the otherworldly from what they look like to how they act to what the want, if anything, with us.

But somehow we’ve managed to pull together just some of the most commonly asked questions and posed them to Mary Rodwell, the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network.

An extremely well-informed and respected member of the alien-observer community, Rodwell has done exceptional work both in text and in the field and is therefore the ideal candidate to answer our burning questions.

I mean, the second I heard that she’d actually visited Area 51, I knew that I had to have a sit down with her.

Here, she answers the most frequently asked questions about aliens and UFOs. Be afraid, be very afraid…


Q: What do aliens look like?

A: There are many lifeforms. Some of biological material and some just like energy. Ex-Defence Minister of Canada Hon Paul Hellyer recently stated on Russian TV that he knows of at least 80 alien species visiting this planet and some work with the government.

Most he stated were benevolent.

Q: Can aliens take on human form? If so, are they walking among us?

A: The answer to that is yes. There are numerous humanoid species of ET such as the Tall Whites near Area 51 that Charles Hall, ex-military, speaks about as he met them. But there are others walking among us you would not know that they were not human.

There are also shape-shifters many call the reptilians that can apparently shape-shift and look human.

Q: What, if any, powers do they have?

A: Many have advanced psychic powers and can sense truth, they can see energy fields and project thoughts and make you see what they want you to see as well as be able to heal and have abilities we would call superpowers.

Q: What do you think is in Area 51?

A: I have been to the boundary of Area 51 and I found it very intimidating. I believe it is one of many bases that hide ET technology and other non-human material. We have a base that is similar called Pine Gap in Australia.

Q: Do you believe the government is aware of the existence of aliens and is hiding them from us? Why?

A: Yes, for numerous complex reasons. Initially because they fear the public would panic. But more now because although we are far more accepting (a recent poll in Texas showed 99% of people there believed in UFOs and we are being visited).

The primary reason now is economic and military access to technologies they (covert agencies) don’t want the public or other countries to know they have such as free energy devices which would change the power structure on the planet forever and that means who has the control right now I.E. corporations and banks.

Such technologies would free people up from such control.

Q: What are your thoughts on Erich von Daniken’s take on ancient aliens?

A: I have met him, and I believe he is absolutely correct and we have been visited for millennia. We called them ‘Gods’ but they were not Gods just advanced intelligences and I believe they created humans due to anomalies in our DNA.

Q: Do you believe the aliens helped build the pyramids back in the day? Why?

A: Yes, I do believe this. Recent research has demonstrated that the pyramids have unique properties. The consensus is that the way they were built was through levitation and Arkanaten may well have been a hybrid/human /ET. 

If you look at his elongated skull it is evidence of this and his DNA has shown anomalies.

Q: Is Tom Delonge actually onto something?

A: I believe he is part of a controlled disclosure. Because the CIA is involved, he will only be allowed to show what the covert agencies want him to say.

Q: In movies and TV shows aliens are portrayed as creatures who come to earth with the purpose of taking over the human race. Do you believe this to be their agenda?

A: I think that if the goal was taking over humans they would have done it by now, after all it would have been easier before we got technology and space based weapons. So that belief is illogical.

I believe we have their DNA so in effect their creation so why would they need to take us over? We are part of them.

Q: Do you think they are malicious or benevolent creatures?

A: The surveys we conducted with The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extra-terrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences of which I am a co-founder (FREE) has found that of most interactions, over 70% appear to be benevolent.

That some may have self-serving agendas is always possible but what is missed by the public is that some abductions are not Extra-terrestrial but Military (called MILAB) and these are traumatic and may be misunderstood to be extra-terrestrial but are not.

Q: What’s the conspiracy theory that you find most convincing and why?

A: I have found much that we are taught or educated to believe in almost every area of knowledge to be inaccurate and as I am a critical thinker I question everything.  

The one conspiracy theory that I believe is absolutely convincing is that the public is programmed to an edited and biased truth about almost everything in what we term knowledge. Anthropologically, archeologically, theologically, biologically, psychologically, scientifically and so on.

The reason primarily is for power and control of the populace of that I am in no doubt. The more that I have questioned the more I have discovered this to be so.

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