Euphoria fans have discovered Alexa Demie had a music career that’s unfortunately not as great as her performance as Maddy in the hit HBO show. And bitch, you better be joking.

Fans on TikTok came across the music video to Demie’s track “Leopard Limo”. It was first discovered by TikToker @mollyisabitch on Wednesday. It’s a fitting name for the TikTok account because I’m sure Demie thought the same after reading the comments on the videos.

The Euphoria star has delivered an incredible performance as Maddy Perez in the show’s second season. But her track was very Lana Del Rey if she made a pop-core song for a mainstream audience in Garage Band. And if she relied on autotune instead of actually sang, as a bonus.


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♬ Alexa Demie could fuck your mom AND grandma bitch – Slutti titteez

You can’t deny she looked stunning wearing the red off-the-shoulder dress in the music video to “Leopard Limo” though.


Leopard Limo by Alexa Demie #alexademie #alexademieedit #maddyperez #maddy #maddyperezedit #euphoria #euphoriaseason2

♬ Leopard Limo by Alexa Demie – Slutti titteez

Fans were in shock at the revelation that the eternally young actress was also a singer. Several of them questioned whether she sounds good, which led to some hilariously savage reads.

“…Alexa, baby. This isn’t you,” wrote one comment with over 40,000 likes.

“Okay but her voice has [sic] sm potential,” added another.

“She definitely sounds,” as another said.

The TikToker who shared her other videos also shared a clip of Demie performing the song live on a small stage.


Mumma can dance though ???? #alexademie #maddyperez #alexademieedit #maddyperezedit #maddy #euphoria #maddy #alexa #zendaya

♬ original sound – Slutti titteez

“I love her but what exactly is she doing?” read one comment as Demie appeared to twirl around the stage like a drunk girl at a club in the video as some electronic instrumentals played.

Another asked what we were all thinking: “Are y’all purposely doing this to this girl? Like where are these videos coming from?”


Reply to @callumbrayyyyyyy Turnin Tricks by Pearl Ft Alexa Demie 2016 #alexademie #maddyperez #alexademieedit #maddyperezedit #euphoria #zendaya

♬ original sound – Slutti titteez

People on Twitter had a far less cruel reaction to Demie. Well except this one user, who flat out obliterated her music career with just one tweet: “y’all heard Alexa Demie’s music? She’s a great actress”.

Whatever your opinion is of Alexa Demie’s music, just make you don’t @ the poor girl. She doesn’t deserve to be attacked or harassed online for some beats.