Apparently These Are The “Grubby” Deets We’re About To Learn About Alex & Richie

Bachie In Paradise

The recent drop of the Bachelor In Paradise trailer revealed that there’s a whole lotta tea to be spilled in the show’s upcoming second season, particularly involving former couple Alex Nation and Richie Strahan whose relationship famously went down in flames.

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In the trailer, the pair tease that there are “grubby details” yet to come out about their relationship, leading fans to wonder what the heck went down between these two.

Well according to a new report by NW magazine, there were several factors that contributed to their demise including financial dramas, health issues and meddling exes.

The gossip mag claims that they did the whole long distance relationship thing for five months, with Alex living in Melbourne and Richie living in his hometown of Perth.

Nation wanted her BF to move to Melbourne to support the mother-of-one as she was ‘going through some dark times and a medical complication’, but Richie refused due to ‘financial issues’.

An insider also unveiled some “grubby details” to the publication, claiming that Richie would only fly to Victoria to be with Alex if it involved public appearances and events.

“She was lonely and going through some tough times. She wanted Richie by her side and for them to be a family but he didn’t want to keep spending money on flights unless they were getting paid for it,” says the sneaky source.

The relationship hit its final snag when Alex allegedly reached out to her ex-boyfriend, Tom Barbour.

“He was so angry he found out that way,” the friend continues. “It sealed their fate, really, and they never saw each other again after that.”

The pair, who met on 2016’s The Bachelor, called it quits midway through 2017 and Nation was reportedly engaged to her GF Maegan Luxa by the end of 2017 before breaking up in early 2018.

Following the announcement that both parties had signed on for this year’s BIP, a source told Who magazine that Alex is “certainly keen to tell her side of the story.”

“She is still under a gag order for the show so she can’t say a word,” the insider adds. “[Nation] is devastated. After it didn’t work out with Richie, she got engaged to Maegan and then they broke up and now this. It’s like she is cursed and it’s all been so public too.”

Now that we’ve had a taste of these ~“grubby details”~, we can’t wait to see what else comes to light this season.