Ex ‘Bachie’ Winner Alex Nation Is Posting Breakup Tunes On Her Insta Stories

Oh, Alex. Oh, mate. The former ‘Bachelor‘ winner, who swiped up Richie Strahan‘s heart in 2016, is posting breakup tunes on her Instagram stories one day after reports speculated that the couple had split for good.

The song was an acoustic cover of iconic breakup track ‘Jealous‘ by Labrinth, which despite its somewhat misleading title, is about missing someone so much you’re jealous of the non-human elements that get to be near them (as opposed to being jealous of a specific person).

I’m jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It’s closer than my hands have been
I’m jealous of the rain
I’m jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes
It’s closer than your shadow
Oh, I’m jealous of the wind

The specific lyrics Alex posted were (bolded):

‘Cause I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive

It was accompanied by a completely black screen save for a heart emoji and the words “my heart”, and Alex, mate, if you wanted to stop the rampant media speculation that you and Richie had broken up, THIS WAS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT.

So about those rumours: yesterday, reports surfaced once again that the couple had well and truly broken up. The Daily Telegraph tried to contact both parties about the rumours, and while Alex didn’t respond, a “downcast Strahan” apparently danced around the topic and refused to shut them down directly.

And like we pointed out yesterday, the pair’s most public appearances of late have been occasionally liking each other’s Instagram posts.

In other words, their relationship? Donezo. It’s sad, sure, but at least Richie’s getting his post-breakup hair on.

Small favours.