AWW BLESS: Alex Nation & GF Maegan Luxa Are Reportedly Engaged

In extremely good + cute post-Bachelor news, Alex Nation and girlfriend Meagan Luxa are reportedly engaged.

It comes three months into their relationship, but as a very chatty source told Now To Love, “when you know, you know!”

The Daily Mail has even acquired pics of the pear-shaped diamond ring, so if you want to see those, you’ll have to head over there.

“Maegan, Alex and Lijey [a.k.a. Alex’s son Elijah] are the cutest little family – they do everything together!” the source continued to Now To Love. “They can’t believe they found love in such a spectacular and unexpected way!”

“They’ve discussed keeping the whole shindig pretty intimate with just close friends and family who’ve supported them in their relationship. And of course, Lijey will be the page boy!”

Alex and Maegan only went public with their relationship last month, following the ‘Yes‘ win in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

“Everywhere around the country, voices of the oppressed rang true,” Alex wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of her and Maegan cuddling at the beach. “They were silenced and love prevailed.”

As she told the Herald Sun late last week, “I feel relieved I can finally talk about it now. As of the last few weeks we’ve lived together. It’s been really nice. It just feels so good. Nothing forced or scary.

Awwwww guys. Congrats to these two love birds.