Footy player Alex McKay of Bachelor In Paradise has revealed that he has a very interesting arm tattoo, which he says depicts Angie Kent from his season of The Bachelorette.

He was somewhat under the radar during his time on that show, making it all the way to the final five blokes in the competition without ever scoring a single date.

He himself admitted that he was “too reserved” in his initial outing, but that may be changing.

In a clip for the Bachie In Paradise Instagram, Alex talked producers through his plethora of tattoos, including one that he claims represents Kent.

During his game of show and tell, he revealed that his first ever tattoo was the “classic old last name”, which he got after illegally walking into a tattoo parlour at age seventeen.

He showed off various others including a beloved grandfather clock and some candles, before moving to his left arm and showing off a tattoo of a woman. He said:

“Going on this arm is a picture of Angie holding a rose, and yeah, her hand is bleeding, because I didn’t get the final rose.”

Alex also showed off “sort of a Jesus Pirate”, which he has for no particular reason at all, although our attention is definitely focused on the Angie one.

You can get a better look at the ink in question here:

You can also very clearly see it in this clip from back when he was on The Bachelorette, so I suspect there may be a little revisionist history going on here. ANYWAY.

As one of his final acts on Bachelorette, Alex dumped his fellow bachelor Ryan right in it, telling Angie that he had previously tried out for Ali Oetjen‘s season of the show, after he claimed otherwise.

Angie recently spilled some tea on Bachie In Paradise from her couch at home, posting an Instagram story of herself looking skeptical and writing:

“Me sitting here knowing that 98% of the fellas from my season were [cast] and only there to get onto BiP. This season should have been renamed ‘98% from Angie’s Season of Bachelorette, in Paradise’… Love that for me.”

She contained:

“Oh well. I certainly gave it my all and learnt some swell little lessons about myself / dating / ‘excellent pretend daters’ / ‘bro code’ / ‘manipulators’ and most importantly LOVE… even if it wasn’t my forever love! Still conquered my fear and surrendered to the scary L letter word.”