Alert Your Childhood: Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Are Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Making you feel all kinds of things about your childhood this morning is Nintendo, with the announcement that Pokémon classics Red, Blue and Yellow (and in Japan, Green) are getting released for Nintendo 3DS.

They’re out on the eShop next year on February 27 to celebrate the games’ TWENTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Yes, we know. 20 years. Hello? Yes this is an old person speaking.

Nintendo made the announcement this morning in their first Nintendo Direct since president and Direct host Satoru Iwata passed away in July this year

(A bunch of other news also came out of Nintendo Direct, including a new female playable character joining the Zelda universe called Linkle. Screaming, tbqh with you.)

The only updated to Red, Blue and Yellow (that we know of so far) will be to allow for online battles and trades through the 3DS online structure. Look, Nintendo, we love ya, but could you throw in a double battle or two? And sort out the Zubat problem in Mt Moon? Thx.

We’re kiiiinda devo there’s no new Pokémon game announced (like Pokémon Z, maybe???), but whatever –